How to ask A girl out Without Getting Rejected?

3 Steps That Transform A "Cold" Girl Into Your Loving, Loyal Girlfriend

BY Steven Johnson, NOV 27, 2017 11:00 AM

Check out this brutal rejection that happened to my poor buddy, Christian Hudson… PLUS how he STOPS rejection in its tracks!

***A quick tip from Christian***

Hey guys, I’m Christian, and I’ve got a trick for you. It’s called “rejection reversal”.

This is super easy to do, and it stops rejection in its tracks every single time...

So you can try it next time you feel a beautiful woman is about to shut you down.

See, I discovered that before a woman can feel the burning arousal for a guy that drives her to sleep with him…

…she first needs to push him away, and see how he reacts.

This “push-away” is a critical step in her “obsession story” — the story she acts out every time she sleeps with a guy.

And if you use this “rejection reversal” trick right at the moment she’s pushing you away… something magical will happen.

First, go here find out some magic phrases that activate a woman’s obsession story:

Then, next time you sense a woman is about to push you away…

Drop one of these magical phrases into her ear:

Then chill back and watch as the same woman who was about to scorn you…

...turns into an adorable kitten.

And she’s telling you how you’re so different any other guy.

Soon she’s scrapping her plans to make time for you, & hoping she can make you hers.

That’s the power of a woman’s obsession story.

***Awesome — thanks Christian!!!***

This works guys — I’ve tried it myself. Enjoy!

Learn How to Reverse rejection by activating her “obsession story” Right Now”

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How to flirt with women - and have her love you for it

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how to flirt with women & have her love you for it!

Discover The Secret "Codes" of Flirting That Most Men Will Never Know

We respect your privacy. Your email address will never be shared or sold.

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