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Did you know you can boost the attraction level of your girlfriend with just a simple move?

Interestingly, this simple move doesn’t really require any skill to pull off.

The easy but highly effective move captures more of her psychology and gives you bigger points than any stunt you can pull.

This supper effect move is referred to as "The Pull Back" and it involves:

  • Reducing your calling and texting frequency
  • Reducing your calling and texting frequency
  • Cutting down on regular hangouts as it were in the beginning
  • Acting a little uninterested, creating some space or being aloof
  • Feigning less enthusiastic about her

I know you may think its sneaky...

of course it is!

However, its potentials are out of this world, but only if they are applied bit by bit and at strategic timings.

Check out the effects of this strategy and see why everyone thinks it is super effective:

4  Powerful Benefits of the “The Pull Back” Attraction Strategy

#1. She Thinks More About You

When she discovers this impulsive change in your behavior, trust me she'll become worried, sit back at home playing back all the chats she’s had with you in her head.

And the rule of thumb here is...

"You can easily make a girl fall in love with you only if you can make her think about you even in your absence.”

Pretty simple!

Note: She would only get a fling with another guy if you don’t capture her attention.

#2. She Will Do all She Can Just To Get You Back

The moment a girl begins to perceive your loss of interest in her, the next thing she’ll start working towards is winning you back to her.

Now, don’t forget that the harder she tries, the more power you control.

#3. She Just Can't Wait to See You

If she’s not sure of the next time she'll see you, the desire to always be by you dramatically increases. She constantly wants to have you right inside her.

#4. She Focuses On Your Strengths

When the fears of losing you begin to set in, she no longer sees your shortcomings, but your positive attributes. It’s natural for her to desire more of what she thinks she can’t have.

The benefits of "The Pull Back" are countless. It helps you boost her attraction and hunger for you, stirring up strong sexual feelings. At this stage, you are holding all the aces in the relationship.

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