The Girlfriend Activation System Review

Will This Improve Your Dating Life?

Have you heard of “obsession stories”?

Every woman has these programmed into her DNA...

And when a woman’s obsession story is activated... it drives her to obsess over the man who activates it.

You've probably heard about "Fifty Shades of Grey", right?

It's basically female "mind porn", and it sold more than 70 million copies in 2012 by exploiting female obsession stories...

Christian Hudson - one of the top success coaches on the planet - went through dozens of books like this to figure out how any guy use them to turn any woman into his loyal, loving girlfriend...

...and came up with a very strange system called The Girlfriend Activation System.

diagram 1 - this does not work

What Is the Girlfriend Activation System?

The program revels the exact formula for finding, attracting, dating and locking down the exact girl you want.

The course has been designed by Christian Hudson, with a little help from his friend Nick Sparks...

Their belief is that all men have the ability to find a relationship that satisfies them, but that they simply do not know how to go about achieving that, or even how to approch women in the first place...

I HATE approaching women.

I also hate how it gives the woman all the power...

So any time she feels like it, she can turn her back on me, or look down at her Instagram, or *shudder* throw her drink in my face.

And I’d left standing there, like an idiot with only my d**k in my hand.

In The Girlfriend Activation System, Hudson reveals how to get women to approach you (even if you’re not rich or handsome!) and how to make sure you gain a greater understanding about relationships and how your own life and views play a role in this.

What Inside the Program

  • The system itself, which is a video and audio transcript of the seminar that was originally closed doors. Indeed, only five men around the globe were allowed to attend it.
  • Confidence hypnosis, which is a mind programming tool that uses subliminal messages to teach you to become a confident man.
  • Breathtaking hello, which teaches you various conversation openers, so you will never again be the man with the ridiculous pickup line.
  • Endless conversations, which is further information on how to keep conversations going.
  • Sexual texting, which focuses on modern techniques on how to speak to women via text messages in erotic ways.
  • Various surprise bonuses.
Diagram 2 - Loving girlfriend

The system itself comes in six modules or sections, being:

Module 1: How to make sure you are a woman’s obvious choice.

Module 2: How to have the right mindset for a long lasting relationship.

Module 3: How to ensure you always make the right first impression.

Module 4: How to approach women without fear. This is the section developed by Nick Sparks.

Module 5: How to transition from dating to sex.

Module 6: How to transition from a hook up to a real girlfriend.

What I Liked about the Girlfriend Activation System

  • The language in the program is very easy to understand, even though it focuses on psychology.
  • The advice you are given comes from real life experiences. This means you can apply it to real life situations as well. Many similar programs use fictional situations and when you read these, you often feel as if they are unrealistic. In the Girlfriend Activation System, however, you will learn about the experiences that Hudson himself went through.
  • The system can be applied to all women and it can be used to all men. This means that if you have a specific type that you find attractive, you can apply the knowledge you have learned on her. You will learn the ins and outs of human psychology and how people respond to each other, regardless of their personality or body type.
  • The program also teaches you to become more self-confident. Even if you don’t use it to find a new girlfriend, you will benefit from it in your own life.
  • It comes with a range of different tools and processes that can help you be successful in our journey towards developing a meaningful, lasting relationship.

What I Didn’t Like about the Girlfriend Activation System

  • Some of the techniques covered in the system may seem slightly confusing. On many occasions, there is little explanation on why these techniques work. If this happens to you, I'd post some questions in the private community you get access to with the program - that should give you any answers you need for clarification.

The Final Verdict

I personally believe this program is one of the best of its kind out there today.

It is designed to help you meet and date women, but not with the singular goal of having as much sex as possible, which we often see in other similar programs. 

Instead, this system focuses on helping you build true, meaningful and lasting relationships that you are happy with.

The fact that the program also focuses strongly on building up your own self-esteem is a major bonus.

Psychology tells us that it is incredibly difficult to be lucky in love if you do not believe in yourself and this program teaches you to be confident and proud of your own achievements and self.

As such, I recommend this program to anyone, even if you have no intention of finding a lasting relationship.

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How to Flirt with Women - And Have Her Love You For It

How to Flirt with Women - And Have Her Love You For it!

Discover The Secret "Codes" of Flirting That Most Men Will Never Know

Get the free book now!

We respect your privacy. Your email address will never be shared or sold.

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