Stealth Attraction Review

Can this Really Help You Attract Women?

You are not the only man in the world who has some form of ‘approach anxiety’. Going up to a girl for the first time is hard and nerve-wracking. Nobody wants to be rejected, after all. However, if your fear of being rejected becomes so strong that you can’t even make a move anymore, you need a solution. This solution may very well be the Stealth Attraction by Richard La Ruina. Backed by a full money back guarantee, you really can’t go wrong with at least giving it a try.

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What Is Stealth Attraction?

Stealth Attraction claims to be the first system that is fully rejection proof. It is essentially a home study system where you will learn how to approach women, attract them, seduce them and, at the end of process, take them home. This is done through subtle actions (stealth), stopping the woman from even being able to reject you. The course is very hands-on and isn’t focused on the intellectual and psychological theories. Rather, it is about action, which you can learn in just three hours of presentations that include practical examples.

Stealth Atrraction program review

Prices and What You Get

The product is currently available for $69.95. The program is fully online, so you can access it as soon as you send your payment. You will receive the Stealth Attraction program itself, which is three hours in length. You will also get a number of bonuses, including:

  • Social Domination, which is an audiobook that shows you why you need a good social circle around you.
  • Approaching confidence, an audio file that hypnotizes you so that you can overcome your anxiety.
  • 14 days free of the MPUA University Subscription, which usually costs $69.95 per month.

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The entire Stealth Atrraction program

How Does Stealth Attraction Work?

Basically, you will be taken through five important steps:

1. Stealth Value

2. Stealth Opening

3. Stealth Seduction

4. Stealth Arousal

5. Stealth Extraction

This is a blueprint that you can follow from the moment you spot a girl to the moment you say goodbye to her in the morning. The word ‘stealth’ is used because you literally will be operating under the radar, essentially picking up girls without them even realizing you’re doing it. It is all about building escalation and taking the right steps at the right time.

Most people agree that the Stealth Attraction part is the most important one, and that it is this part that makes this program different from the rest. It doesn’t give you opinion questions or scripted openings like many other program. Rather, it focuses on non-verbal communication.

Another really unique concept is found in Stealth Opening, where you will learn all about ‘approach priming’. This will teach you how to already be approachable to a girl before you even go and speak to her. Considering that most women have about five men approach them on a night out, they tend to have very strong defensive systems. By following the approach priming teachings, you will learn how to set yourself apart from the others. Plus, Richard La Ruina teaches you about ‘familiarity opening’, which helps you to counteract rejection. Put together, these two make it a really interesting program.

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Richard La Ruina

What I Liked about Stealth Attraction

  • The material focuses very strongly on approaching, like many other programs, but it takes a unique take on that. No longer will you have to memorize cheesy one liners and pick up lines. Rather, you will learn how to overcome your personal fear of rejection and how to use your new-found confidence to pick up more girls.
  • The presentations are almost like university lectures. They include practical demonstrations and Richard La Ruina’s assistance is really good as well. This makes the teaching methods far more effective than anything you could read in a book, because reading materials simply do not show things like tone and attitude.
  • Richard La Ruina appears to be the guy everybody wants to be. It doesn’t look like he had ever been rejected in his life. However, he clearly explains that he comes from the same background and that everybody can have his particular style, confidence and demeanor by applying the lessons properly.
  • The product has been designed for those who really want to have more interactions with women. This is not a soppy love program, but rather something that will teach you how to enjoy yourself. If you are a frequent clubber and you don’t have any ties, this program is for you.
  • It comes with a 14 day money back guarantee so you really have nothing to lose.

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What I Didn’t Like about Stealth Attraction

  • The focus is strongly on high end clubs and bars. This means that you also have to work on your outward appearance, as you will be scrutinized for it.
  • The final two chapters, Stealth Arousal and Stealth Extraction, are a bit short. However, there are certain things you simply have to figure out for yourself.


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The Final Verdict

Personally, I think that if you suffer from any form of approach anxiety or fear of rejection, then this program is for you. Approaching a girl in a large group is petrifying, as is approaching a girl on her own. Stealth Attraction teaches you how to overcome those fears, giving you the confidence you need to go up to someone you like and make your move. You will learn how to move under the radar, which further decreases your chances of being rejected by the girl of your dreams – or the girl of that night’s dreams for that matter. Approach anxiety holds back a lot of men, and as women are becoming more confident with rejecting men, this anxiety is actually increasing. To have a program that teaches you how to approach women again is absolutely fantastic. Even if you don’t have your eye on a woman, or if you don’t really go out clubbing all that often, simply seeing an increase in your own self-confidence will do you the world of good. I fully recommend the Stealth Attraction program by Richard La Ruina. After all, with the 14 day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

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How to Flirt with Women - And Have Her Love You For It

How to Flirt with Women - And Have Her Love You For it!

Discover The Secret "Codes" of Flirting That Most Men Will Never Know

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