Secret Move Tells You If She’s Interested
(Even if You Think She’s Not)

I used to have no idea if a girl was flirting with me, or just being friendly.

Because of this I missed a lot of opportunities to go for the kiss, and almost never got a second chance.

Here’s what I do now.

The next time you’re talking to a female friend, co-worker, or a girl in your social circle, wait for her to say something you agree with, and then gently give her a high five.

When your hands touch, let your hand linger there for a few seconds, and see how she reacts. If there is chemistry she will almost always let her hand linger there for a second too.  If she does, it means she’s wants to be kissed, so make your move immediately.

If she pulls her hand back right away, it means you probably haven’t created enough attraction yet.

What is great about this “test” is that is completely under the radar, so you can know what she’s thinking without risking rejection or embarrassment.

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